Radisson Hotel Old Town Riga
Riga, Latvia 
23 - 25 November 2019

EASIM - an event endorsed by the European Federation of Internal Medicine (EFIM) and EFIM Young Internists



Early Bird application deadline 

12th August 2019

Welcome to the second postgraduate course of the European Advanced School of Internal Medicine (EASIM) in Riga, Latvia. The course design is based on the well-proven format of the ESIM course for residents, so there will also be plenty of opportunities for networking and socializing in a friendly and international atmosphere.

More about the rules in "How to apply" part, a direct application link is HERE.

EASIM Programme

Following a "learn and teach" concept, the program is designed to provide you with clinical updates and also to help you to develop your non-technical skills such as communication, team working and conflict management - to give you the best possible support as a young specialist in Internal Medicine. The main programme includes also interactive clinical case presentations and CPC.

Program topics are HERE (updated layout yet to be added)


internisti.lv (at) gmail.com

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